Prof. M.A Oommen


  1. M.A. in Economics - First Class, First Rank (1954), Kerala University.
  2. Ph.D., Kerala University (1968) Subject of Dissertation "Small Industry in Indian Economic Growth - A Case Study of Kerala".
  3. Diploma in Economic Development (1965), Institute for the Study of Economic Development (ISVE), Naples, Italy - First Rank.
  4. Post Doctoral Fellow, Rockefeller Foundation 1969-70.


  1. DD (Doctor of Divinity) Honoris Causa from Serampore College, Kolkota.
  2. Malcom Adiseshiah Chair Professor, Decentralised Planning and Development, Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi (2000-2009).
  3. Honorary Fellow, Centre for Development Studies, Thiruvananthapuram.
  4. Fellow, Economic Growth Centre, Yale University, USA, 1974-75.
  5. Senior Fulbright Fellow 1974-75.


  1. Professor, Institute of Management in Government, Trivandrum, (1985-92).
  2. Professor & Head of the Department University of Calicut (1984-85).
  3. Professor & Head of the Department University of Botswana (1980-84).
  4. Professor & Head of the Department University of Calicut (1976-80).
  5. Reader, University of Kerala (1970-76).
  6. Lecturer, University of Kerala (1959-70).
  7. Lecturer, Government Colleges (1956-59).
  8. Lecturer, CMS College, Kottayam (1954-56).


  1. Guiding Research for Ph.D: (Some topics of research awarded Ph.D. given below):
    1. Demand for Money and other Financial Assets in India - Calicut University
    2. The Economics of the Island Economy of Lakshadweep - Calicut University.
    3. Power Generation in Kerala - A Financial Analysis - Calicut University.
    4. Tax Performance: A Case Study of Sales Tax in Kerala - Kerala University.
    5. State Finances: A Case Study of Kerala - Kerala University.
    6. The Pharmaceutical Industry in India: Pricing and Competition - Kerala University.
    7. Changing Space of Women in Kerala with special reference to Syrian Christian Women - Mahatma Gandhi University.

  2. Research Projects directed and Reports submitted:
    1. A Study on The Economy of Thiruvananthapuram District publisher Centre for Budget and Policy Studies, Bangalore (2010)
    2. The Committee for Evaluation of Decentralised Planning and Development, Government of Kerala. – Chairperson (2007-09)
    3. Evaluation of Kudumbasree for Government of Kerala. (2006-07)
    4. Methodology for Monitoring and Evaluation of Antipoverty programme, Government of Kerala. (2006)
    5. Decentralised Governance: A Comparative Study of the Processes and Performance of Indian States – Sponsored by, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India. (2005-06)
    6. A Poverty Entitlement Index, Report submitted to Government of Kerala (2006).
    7. Decentralisation and Poverty reduction: A case study of Kerala for UNDP, New Delhi.
    8. Fiscal Decentralisation to Rural Governments (Sponsored by World Bank), (2002-03). Published by World Bank and Oxford University Press (2004) Edited by Geeta Sethi.
    9. Evaluation of the Community Development Services/UBSP for UNICEF, Chennai.
    10. Poverty Reduction and Aid - Project sponsored by European Union.
    11. Structural Adjustment and Vulnerable Sections: A Case Study of Bihar (Sponsored by Action Aid-India) (1994).
    12. Project on District Plan for Kannur District (Sponsored by Government of Kerala and Planning Commission, Government of India).
    13. A Study of Inter-State Tax Effort sponsored by IMG (Institute of Management in Government, Thiruvananthapuram). (1985)
    14. An Evaluation of Rural Development in Botswana, sponsored by International Labour Office. (1984)
    15. The Dynamics of Rural Transformation in Kerala, sponsored by ICSSR, (Indian Council of Social Science Research), New Delhi (1982).
    16. A Geo-Economic Survey of Lakshadweep Islands (Co-authors: Dr. C. Naganna, Bangalore University, and Dr. B.N. Sinha, Utkal University, sponsored by the University Grants Commission, New Delhi (1982).
    17. Inter-State Shifting of Industries sponsored by Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), New Delhi (1981). Published in ICSSR Research Abstracts Quarterly, Vol XXII No 1 & 2.
    18. A Survey on Rural Employment in Kerala sponsored by Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India, New Delhi (1971).
    19. A Study of Land Reforms in Kerala sponsored by Planning Commission, Government of India, New Delhi (1971).
    20. Financing of Small-Scale Industries in Kerala sponsored by the Banking Commission, Reserve Bank of India, Bombay (1960).

  3. Current Research Project:
    1. A comparative Study of Cuba and Kerala sponsored by Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Canada.
    2. A Comparative Study of Kerala’s participatory Planning and Porto Alegre’s Participatory Budgeting sponsored by Swiss Development Agency. (Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi).


  1. Adviser, State Planning Board, Government of Kerala. (2006-2011)
  2. Consultant to the Royal Netherlands Embassy Mission on Rural Water Supply and Sanitation for Kerala.
  3. Member, Advisory Group on Panchayats, Eleventh Union Finance Commission.
  4. Papers commissioned by Twelfth Union Finance Commission and Invited Expert on Panchayat.
  5. Member, Working Group on preparation of Template for State finance Commission, Consultant, Thirteenth Union Finance Commission (2008).
  6. Member, Steering Committee on Decentralised Planning and Rural Development, Government of Kerala (Eighth Five-Year Plan).
  7. Member, Taskforce on Small Industry Planning, Government of Kerala (Eighth Five-Year Plan).
  8. Member, Taskforce on Higher Education Planning, Government of Kerala, (Seventh and Eighth Five-Year Plan).
  9. Member, Taskforce on Land Reforms, Kerala, India (Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Five-Year Plans).
  10. Consultant on site selection Methodology Project sponsored by Science & Technology Division, Government of India.
  11. Consultant of P.F.P. (Partnership for Productivity), Botswana, and affiliate of P.E.P. International.
  12. Member, Editorial Board, Pula - An African Social Science Journal.
  13. Consultant, Indira Gandhi Open University, New Delhi (on Decentralised Planning).
  14. Consultant, Thiruvananthapuram Capital Region Development Project.


  1. Chairman, 4th Finance Commission, Govt. of Kerala. (2009-11)
  2. Chairman, Committee for Evaluation of Decentralised Planning and Development (2009).
  3. Member, Technical Committee constituted by Ministry of Panchayat Raj to prepare memorandum to the Thirteenth Finance Commission. (2009)
  4. Member, State curriculum Steering committee, State Council of Educational Research and Training, Government of Kerala (2008 onwards).
  5. Chairman, Working Committee on Panchayat and Municipal Finance, Tenth Five-Year Plan, Planning Commission, Government of India (2000-02).
  6. Member, Working Group on State Resources, Tenth Five Year Plan, Planning Commission, Government of India (2000-02).
  7. Chairman, Expert Committee to study the performance of Decentralised Governance in Kerala constituted by the Government of Kerala.
  8. Member, High Power Committee on Decentralisation, Government of Kerala (1996-2000).
  9. Chairman, Steering Committee on Resources for Ninth Five-Year Plan, Government of Kerala.
  10. Member, Steering Committee on Higher Education, State Planning Board, Government of Kerala.
  11. Chairman, Commission on Reforming SIRD, Government of Kerala
  12. Member, Kerala State 5th Pay Commission, Government of Kerala (1988-90).
  13. One-Man Commission on the Implementation of U.G.C. Pay Scales, Government of Kerala (1989).
  14. Member, Presidential Commission on Economic Opportunities, Government of Botswana (1981-83).

(Select list where Professor was Chairman of Organising Committee)

  1. International Conference on Kerala’s Development Experience held at India International Centre, New Delhi, December 8-11, 1996.
  2. International Seminar on Education in Kerala’s Developm ent: Towards a New Agenda, held at Mascot Hotel, Thiruvananthapuram, 26-28 December 2000.
  3. International Conference on A Decade of Decentralization in Kerala: Issues, Options and Lessons – at Mascot Hotel, Thiruvananthapuram, 7-9 October 2005
  4. International Conference on “Kerala People’s Plan Revisited” held at Mascot Hotel, Thiruvananthapuram, 14-15 December 2007.
  5. International Conference on District Planning Methodology and Agenda for Action’ held at Hotel Beach Arcade, Kollam, 28-29 August 2009
  6. International Conference on Kerala’s Participatory Planning and Porto Alegre’s Participatory Budgeting held at IMG, Thiruvananthapuram, 21-22 June, 2011.

BOOKS PUBLISHED: (Select list)

  1. The Economy of Thiruvananthapuram, Centre for Budget and Policy Studies, Bangalore (2009).
  2. . Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle, NE5 2JA, UK (2008).*Fiscal Decentralisation to Local Government in India
  3. A Decade of Decentralisation in Kerala: Issues, Options and Lessons. Har-Anand Publications Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi, 2007.
  4. Fiscal Decentralisation to Rural Government in Kerala in Geeta Sethi, (ed). (Kerala part by M.A.Oommen and Karnataka part by M.G.Rao), World Bank and Oxford University Press 2004.
  5. Economic Justice, Globalisation and Quest for Alternative. Konark, New Delhi 2004.
  6. Rethinking Development: Kerala's Development Experience (in two volumes), Concept, New Delhi, 1999.
  7. Devolution of Resources to Rural Local Bodies: A Comparative Study of Select State Finance Commission Reports, 1998, Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi.
  8. Devolution of Resources from the State to the Panchayati Raj Institutions, ISS Occasional Paper -18, 1996.
  9. Devolution of Resources from the State to the Panchayati Raj Institutions: Search for a Normative Approach, 1995, Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi.
  10. Panchayati Raj Development Report 1995, Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi.
  11. Panchayats and their Finance, Concept, New Delhi, 1995.
  12. Essays on Kerala Economy, Oxford & IBH, 1993.
  13. Co-author, Economics of Cinema, Oxford & IBH, 1990.
  14. Some Issues in Development Administration (Ed.) Oxford & IBH, 1987.
  15. Issues in Teaching of Economics in Indian Universities (Ed), Oxford & IBH, 1986.
  16. Old Naledi Base Line Economic Survey, 1983.
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  20. Banks in the Service of Weaker Sections, Oxford & IBH, 1980.
  21. Kerala Economy since Independence (Ed.) Oxford & IBH, New Delhi, 1979.A Study of Land Reforms in Kerala Oxford & IBH, New Delhi, 1975.
  22. Small Industries in Indian Economic Growth: A Case Study of Kerala, Research Publications, New Delhi, 1971.
  23. Land Reforms and Socio-Economic Change in Kerala, CLS, Madras, 1971.
  24. Economic Development of UK, USA, USSR, S. Viswanathan & Co., Madras, 1959.
  25. Elements of Economics, S.Viswanathan & Co., Madras
  26. A volume in honour of Professor M.A. Oommen entitled Economics, Development and Quest for Alternatives edited by Dr. K.K. George (Director, School of Management, Cochin University), containing articles by 15 leading scholars of the country has been published by Concept Publishing Co., New Delhi (2000).


  1. Land Reforms and Socio Economic Change in Kerala: State Language Institute, Trivandrum, Kerala.(1971)
  2. Globalisation: Meaning, Magnitude and Theory: State Language Institute, Trivandrum, (2000). Revised Second Edition (2007).
  3. Amartya Sen's Human Science of Development: State Language Institute, Trivandrum, (2000).


Discussion Papers/Occasional Papers

  1. ‘The State Finance Commissions: Have they delivered their constitutional mandates?’ Gulati Institute of Finance and Taxation, Trivandrum January 2010.
  2. Eleventh Finance Commission's (EFC) Transfer System and the Local Bodies: A Critique, 2000, Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi.
  3. Transnational Capital, GATT/WTO and the Crisis of National Sovereignty: The Case of India, 1994.
  4. Political Economy of Globalisation, 1993, Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi.
  5. The Bhagwati-Srinivasan Paper on India's Economic Reforms: A Critique, 1993.
  6. Economics, Economy and the Market Friendly Paradigm, 1992. Discussion Paper, Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi. (also Published in M.A.Oommen, N. Krishnaji, G. Parthasarathy et al. The Political Economy of India's Crisis, New Delhi.
  7. A Critique on the Process and Programme of Social Summit, 1975, Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi.

Papers Published: A Select List

  1. On the Issue of ‘Inclusive Growth’, Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. XLVI No 29, July 16, 2011
  2. Balloting, local democracy and development: Some Issues for a new Governments’, Journal of Parliamentary Studies, Vol.2, No.1, 2011.
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    • Nearly 300 papers on economic problems published in Malayalam Journals, besides over 80 radio and television talks.

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